Not every company has the luxury to hire a full time CDO. And not every company wants to. The CDO role is a transitional one. The goal is not to create a new function, a new silo, a new “tzar”, the goal is to make all aspects of the business more digital, whether it be finance, marketing, sales, operations, procurement … you just need someone who is multi-lingual and can speak all the languages of the business to understand and connect the digital dots. Changing everything at once is too much and not practical. It’s a series of sprints. Assess, Re-imagine, Transform … rest … learn … then start again. Don’t try to do it all at once. The nature of the person you want as a CDO kick starts and plans the sprints. Use the change agent when you need them.

The CDO leads a company’s digital transformation by unifying the digital agenda. Without a road-map, you have at best, random acts of digital.  Start with getting closer to customers through better digital experiences. For some companies that means rethinking and restructuring internal operations; for others it is redefining workforce (employees, vendors, suppliers, etc.) engagement and others devising new business models, with all initiatives led by a CDO.

It can be difficult to manage the daily operations and legacy IT systems, and at the same time drive the digital agenda. There’s a correlation between an organization’s aspiration for digital and the maturity by which they approach it.  An organization’s digital transformation journey’s success rate is greatly improved by hiring a digital leader. We work to provide the capability for you when you need it.