“Just do it” ― Nike


Digital transformation is a big, broad term … most like to take the first word, “digital” and translate that to “technology” then focus on finding technical answers and solutions. But the focus should be on the 2nd word, “transformation”. Transformation means challenging the status quo, questioning the current assumptions, understanding the questions to be asked before rushing to finding “the answer”. It requires focused, small team activities, working together. We’ll help you build internal agile teams to identify opportunities, act quickly, demonstrate possibilities and just get stuff done. We believe the best resources are your existing employees and the only way to transform is to change from within. We act as a catalyst.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) – The role of the CDO is work across stakeholder and functional boundaries, to lead, organize, enable and orchestrate all the different activities that result in the digital transformation of an organization. Very few companies can afford to have a full time CDO. Typically transformation happens in phases, and the longest phase is the implementation. During implementation of your transformation activities the CDO role may be a part time one, just monitoring and making sure that the transformation activities are being prioritized and executed to the overall plan.

Digital Innovation – The innovation function is not just for Fortune 100 companies. Any company, no matter the size can innovate. We work with your organization to put a program into place to cultivate those great ideas born at the edge of your business.

Strategy Execution – The best strategy is no good unless you can execute on it. And we all need help sometimes. We can do some of the heavy lifting, put in place a road map and the detailed plan to make you succeed. We turn the strategy into the tasks required to make it happen. Then we work with you to define the timeline, the resources, and the budget to see it through.