Pragmatism in Creating a Corporate Innovation Culture

Extract of an interview with Enterprise Innovation … a few snippets … enjoy! Eric Acton’s career has spanned a diversity of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial roles. He leads teams of enterprise entrepreneurs who focus primarily on banking, finance and healthcare innovations. We talked with Eric about the importance of pragmatism; why personality is important to…

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Random forests, grey fog and learning by doing

As I reflect on a wonderful afternoon of presentations from the 3rd year of the MIT A-Lab analytics seminar, I thought I’d chronicle this fun and exciting interaction with MIT post grad students, professors and client data. For the last 3 years professors Erik Brynjolfsson & Sinan Aral have invited…

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Artificial Intelligence: Teachers and Students

There has been a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence lately; bots, self-driving cars, machine learning, siri, cortana, alexa, etc. The term was coined in the 1950s and quickly became popularly thought of as machines simulating a human’s ability to think and learn. Thanks to science fiction writers and movie…

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