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Digital Expert

Based on your responses to the diagnostic survey, your organization can be considered a Digital Novice

The definitions of each stage are as follows


Digital Novice are in need of a plan to transform

If you're in the Digital Novice quadrant your management may not fully understand the urgency of digital disruption. Digital transformation is not just about new technology, it is about a change in thought and organization culture. In many cases competitors and niche companies are disrupting the market and changing the game. Your organization may lack the skills and direction to contend for tomorrow's business. Start your Digital Transformation by assessing your organization's role in your industry eco-system, creating a Digital Vision and gaining Executive and Board support. Execute on high value proof of concept projects and pilots. Establish and utilize outside expertise (Business Partners, Consultants, Agencies) to expedite the delivery. "Great Digital" takes time, however, proving out small quick wins will be valuable. Seek out capabilities of companies inside and out of your industry and align your Vision. Establish a Digital Vision, Organizational Design and Governance to create and drive a holistic Digital Transformation.

Digital Trendsetter

Digital Trendsetters understand the importance of Digital Experience, but need leadership to grow and expand.

As a Digital Trendsetter you are most likely working through interactive channels, creating digital products, and viewing the Digital world from a customer-first perspective. Your digital expertise is focused on "added value" activities to your Marketing, Interactive and e-Business. However, your approach tends to be "Random acts of Digital" and your digital operations are behind the times. You need to continue to refine your Digital capabilities, however, you also need to begin to expand the Digital Value throughout and across the organization. All functions including HR, Finance, Operations, etc. can benefit from a Digital infusion. Drive Digital across the organization, and begin to evolve into a collaborative agile enterprise. Automate core business processes and utilize data and analytics in new ways. Implement more advanced Organizational Design, Business Process Redesign and Funding Models.

Digital Conservative

Digital Conservatives are embracing Digital but must begin to focus on the overall Digital Experience

Digital Conservatives have looked to exploit Digital for operational efficiency as a priority. Often seen in mature, controlled industries - customer experience not been a top focus area (i.e. B2B, airlines, automotive, healthcare, etc.,) Digital is eating away at the "Too Big to Fail" paradigm and customers are seeking new ways to interact with your enterprise. Disruptive niche players and smart competitors are experimenting with new customer focused technology and Digital Experiences which are diluting the market share of Digital Conservatives. Digital Conservatives often have the advantage of decades of data and strong brand presence. Seek to utilize your digital assets, leadership position and brand equity to unlock the benefits of Digital. Seek Digital projects to create new business models, customer experience and engage the workforce. Assess the need for digital capabilities in-house and potentially acquire, partner or co-innovate with your robust business eco-systems to drive Digital value. Focus on building and acquiring Digital Capabilities, accelerating Innovation and developing Strategic Partnerships


Digital Experts are knocking out the competition and must continue to innovate

Having an established track record of delivering superior Digital Experiences, developing Operational Excellence, and engaging the Workforce, Digital Experts must continue to re-invest in innovation. Customer Expectations are in in a constant state of change and you need to continually evolve. Begin to explore complex platform plays to mutually derive value from your business eco-system. Explore emerging technologies such as IoT and AI to break away from the pack and increase your lead. Consider new and innovative funding models to drive innovation and lead your industry. Utilize your expertise to spot disruptive startups and competitors to energize and expedite your own Digital Transformation. Continue focus on attracting top talent, globalization and new business models. Start thinking about exponential opportunities rather than linear improvements.

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