You have a digital strategy, home grown, or with help from the outside.  The presentations were great, high fives all around, excitement, hope and a good sense of the future.  But now what?!  It sounded great, but how do we actually do this?  Or you tried to implement everything in the strategy and found that it sounded so much easier than it actually is. And when we tried to do it, we realized that we all had day jobs, we couldn’t think about the future while living for today. It became more important to get the day to day done. We liked what we heard, but we could not quite get there.

We provide an independent review of your the strategy and a quick assessment of what worked, didn’t work, what was started, what wasn’t. We look at the metrics that have been used to define success. New models often need new metrics, the old ones just are not relevant, or distort that measure of success or failure.

We validate with you that the strategy is relevant, implementable, and achievable.